Vital Alchemy

Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine


- "Shakai treated me with great gentleness, precision and thoughtfulness at my facial acupuncture. She took her time to listen and consider my needs and my questions, always in her lovely and kind way of being. My experience was rejuvenating and relaxing. I can’t wait for my next appointment!”  GK (Art teacher and Yoga instructor)

- "I've had lower back problem for years and have had treatments from other practitioners which gave me short term relief. I came to Shakai not able to move very well at all without pain. After her treatment, I got off the table and felt AMAZING. The couple treatments that followed as well as her dietary and lifestyle suggestions shifted me into a pain free back". RI (Performer/Educator)

- “I am most grateful for Shakai’s commitment to my personal goals. I enjoy speaking with her about my treatments as they relate to Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is not only wonderful at explaining everything she’s doing but putting it in a way that makes sense to me -the average person. I simply feel safe with her”. LF (Tennis instructor)

- "Visiting Shakai for treatment is an absolute joy! She is sensitive to my concerns and dedicated to making treatment plans that can work with my everyday life. She's compassionate and easy to talk to making health updates really comfortable and understandable. Additionally, as an acupuncturist she is gentle and considerate, while being committed to progress. Shakai also welcomes questions which for me is a plus. I highly recommend her. You can tell she loves what she does and that joy is contagious".
SMT (Cornell PhD candidate)