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Founder - Shakai Shepard LAc., MSAc., Dipl Ac.

 Shakai Shepard is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of New York. She graduated from a four-year course of study with a Masters of Science in Acupuncture from The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM), a top school for the study of East Asian Medicine in the United States.

Before her masters studies at PCOM, Shakai was pursuing a PhD at Columbia University in the city of New York and graduated with departmental honors from their Archeological Anthropology Dept. while also studying Social Psychology.

Shakai credits her move from academia into East Asian Medicine to the influences of the caretakers in her life; her mother a medical doctor, an aunt who is an acupuncturist and herbalist, a first aunt who is a practitioner of spiritual psychology, and a father who instilled passion commitment and drive. Together the women taught Shakai the value of an integrative approach to health care. She credits her devotion to continue in the footsteps of the long line of healers in her family to her acknowledgement of her lineage saying, “Some things are simply in our Blood.”

Shakai has a commitment to being of value to society through her service to the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. One of her goals is to provide treatment for communities that would not normally have access to this system of medicine and aims to make it more accessible to everyone.

Dr. Jeffery Yuen, a Daoist Master in the practice of Classical Chinese medicine, states that the role of the doctor is not to command change but rather to act as a catalyst to help patients move through their own healing journey. In Chinese medicine we often use the word guide, as in guide out stagnation, or guide the smooth flow of energy. By this we mean that we are aiding stagnation to move out, or aiding energy to move freely in the body. These ideas express how I see my role as a practitioner, both in physical healing, and in aiding emotional health. As a guide to help the Body, Mind and Spirit to find its own course.

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